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MBS' Core 94 is the ideal choice for kiters and mountainboarders who don't want their riding potential to be limited by the cash in their wallet.

MBS has launched this year's Core 94 into a whole new league with a few critical upgrades, the most obvious of which is the advancement from F2 Velcro binding to MBS' new F5 ratchet bindings.  This is the first Core board to ever come stock with any ratchet binding, let alone bindings as strong, comfortable, and adjustable as the new F5.  But it's the hidden upgrade from 9.5mm to 12mm axles that really transforms this board into one even advanced riders can take seriously.  With the chance of bending an axle reduced to nil the Core 94 is ready to throw down in a way its predecessors only dreamed of.



  • Powerlam composite (Maple and Fiberglass) Core 94 deck.
  • ATS.12 trucks with 12mm axles are strong, light, and easily adjustable.
  • MBS' F5 ratchet bindings with dual density foam offer maximum comfort and adjustability.
  • MBS Rockstar II hubs with 8" T3 tires offer great strength and unparalleled traction on dirt.

MBS Core 94

  • Rider Style – Kite and Freestyle

    Overall Weight – 5.9 (kg) / 13.0 (lb)

    Overall Length – 108.0 (c) / 42.5 (in)

    Axle to Axle Length – 88.0 (c) / 34.6 (in)

    Deck Construction - Powerlam (Fiberglass, Maple)

    Deck Stiffness – Stiff

    Graphic Material – Maple

    Grip Tape - 46 Grit - Alum. Oxide

    Deck Tip Angle - 20

    Deck Length - 94.0 (c) / 37.0 (in)

    Deck Width - 22.0 (c) / 8.7 (in)

    Deck Weight – 1.9 (kg) / 4.1 (lb)

    Truck Type – ATS 12

    Truck Material - Die-Cast Alum. Hanger and Base; Cromoly axle

    Truck Color - White

    King Pin - M6 (Cromoly)

    Suspension – Orange Bushing

    Axle Width - 40.0 (c) / 15.8 (in)

    Axle Diameter - 12mm

    Hub Type – Rockstar II

    Color - White

    Accepts Bearing Size (OD) - 28mm

    Bearing - 12x28mm

    Tire Type – T3 (8") – 200X50

    Tire Color - Black

    Binding Type – F5 - Black

    Hardware Type – Black Zinc / Stainless

    Grab Handle - Drilling Required

    Brake Compatible - Yes

    Brake Included? - No

    Assembly – Wheels Off

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