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What is 


Electric skateboarding is endless carving, riding without having to push. Driven by integrated motors and controlled by wireless remotes, electric skateboards let you enjoy the ride without breaking a sweat.


Electric skateboards are normally either belt-driven or hub-driven. Belt-driven boards create greater torque and are more suitable for climbing hills and riding off-road, whereas hub-driven motors are quieter, easier to maintain and produce less resistance on the drive wheel(s), allowing the board to perform like a normal skateboard when the battery loses its charge.

Atom Electric is a division of Atom Longboards, which is part of the Colony Sports Group that owns MBS. As a result, Atom Electric boards come from a solid history of skateboarding innovation and are made by people who enjoy riding their own products. Atom Electric offers high-quality boards at a much more affordable price than its competitors.


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What is 

Mountainboarding is a crossover sport descended from snowboarding and skateboarding. It’s snowboarding without the snow, or from another perspective, it’s skateboarding beyond the smooth pavements and slick skateparks of the city. Mountainboarding allows you to ride anywhere - grass fields, dirt tracks, neighbourhood parks, city streets - everywhere is your skatepark. 


Mountainboarding is generally a downhill sport and while some boards come fitted with a brake, all riders should learn how to slide to a stop. Mountainboards are also used in combination with kites or surf wings, using the power of the wind to propel the board across flat surfaces such as hard-packed sand or grassy parks.


MBS is the original mountainboard company and is still at the forefront of innovation more than 25 years later. WIth a wide range of boards and associated parts, MBS is well positioned to provide high-quality products at the most affordable prices. MBS is pleased to be able to offer it’s mountainboards to New Zealand riders through Four Wheel Ride.


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Four Wheel Ride is New Zealand’s only importer of Atom Electric Skateboards and MBS Mountainboards. Born from a lifelong passion for board riding, Four Wheel Ride exists to provide top-quality boards to New Zealand riders at affordable prices. Choose from among our selected boards, or let us know if you would like a MBS or Atom board not currently listed on our site – we’ll get it in for you.

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CALL US : 021 2572696


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